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Faith Matters -- Making for Home
article printed from: The Christian Century Magazine http://www.christiancentury.org/article.lasso?id=6892 Faith matters May 05, 2009 Making for home by Thomas Lynch When I was a child I spoke as a child, understood as a child, reasoned as a child. I knew my parents loved me best and assumed my several siblings all agreed. I mistook abundant love for especial ...

Grave affairs: HBO's 'Six Feet Under'
November 2, 2004   ARTICLE By THOMAS LYNCH   IKE DAVID FISHER in the award-winning HBO series Six Feet Under, when my father died, I embalmed him. My brother Pat assisted. We dressed him, put him in a box and soon thereafter buried him. Tim did the obits and drove the hearse. Eddie ...

Passed on
July 13, 2004   ARTICLE By THOMAS LYNCH   HE PHOTO OF the new priest among his people is an old one. "'First Solemn High Mass," it reads in white handprint in the top right corner, "of Rev. Thomas P. Lynch " and on the next line "St. John's Church, Jackson, Mich., June ...

Good grief: an undertaker's reflections
July 26, 2003   FEATURES By THOMAS LYNCH   T'S SUNNY AND 70 at Chapel Hill. I'm speaking to Project Compassion, an advocacy group for end-of-life issues, on an unlikely trinity of oxymorons--the good death, good grief and the good funeral. "What," most people reasonably ask, "can ever be good about death or ...

Local heroes - Poem
September 11, 2002   POEM By THOMAS LYNCH   ome days the worst that can happen happens. The sky falls or evil overwhelms or the world as we have come to know it turns towards the eventual apocalypse long predicted in all the holy books-- the end-times of old grudge and grievances that ...

The dead and gone - Ritual Of Mourning - September 11 victims
November 14, 2001   BRIEF ARTICLE By THOMAS LYNCH   OT ONLY did they die, they disappeared. There's the terrible fact becoming all too clear. We will not get them back to let them go again, to wake and weep over them, to look upon their ordinary loveliness once more, to focus all ...

Witness and remember - public forum executions, evaluation
May 2, 2001   ARTICLE By THOMAS LYNCH   FTER 30 YEARS of directing funerals, I've come to believe in open caskets. A service to which everybody but the deceased is invited, like a wedding without the bride or a baptism without the baby, denies the essential reality of the occasion, misses ...

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