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A Serious Undertaking
Special to The Washington PostFriday, August 3, 2001; Page C01   ESSAY A Serious UndertakingHBO's 'Six Feet Under' Breathes Life Into the Business of DeathBy THOMAS LYNCH   ike David Fisher in the new HBO series "Six Feet Under," when my father died, I embalmed him. My brother Pat helped, and my sister's ...

The Posthumous Mitford
July 26, 1998   Special to The Washington PostSunday, July 26, 1998; Page C07   ESSAY The Posthumous MitfordBy THOMAS LYNCH   n the darkly comedic and endearing style that was hers and hers only, Decca (as Jessica Mitford was known from childhood) once joked that an update of her classic, "The American Way of ...

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