Reviewer: A reader Excellent work of readable honest poetry, June 16, 1997

Review of: Skating with Heather Grace

Thomas Lynch is one of the great poets of our time. “Skating with Heather Grace” made me laugh, cry, think about life… and death… and the time in between. Even if you do not like poetry, you will enjoy this book. I have never read a poet more honest and creative than Lynch. Two of my personal favorite poems of the book (I have many) are called “Where it Came From” and “Woman Gardening.” This would be an excellent place to start for someone first reading Lynch. It shows how clever he is as well as the great sensitivity he posesses for describing a singular emotional feeling. If at all possible, finish with “Learning Gravity,” a brilliant poem (and the longest of the book – most are very short). It’s a poem that can only be deeply appreciated when you get to know the author and his style as well as disposition. Don’t be upset because he is an undertaker by trade. While that plays heavily in the book it is not the defining aspect of the man and his poems. Very Highly Recommended!