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Apparation & Late Fictions

Eileen Battersby, The Irish Times
"There is such generosity and grace in his work. To read it is to encounter a calm, observant intelligence. He is an original. Of that there is no doubt. His writing is lucid, measured and rich in exact images. Meditative and politely laconic, this is a terrific collection from a writer who thinks and feels and tells stories with an engagingly distilled candour and assurance all his own."
Wm.Giraldi, New York Times
"LYNCH has added another chapter to one of the most memorable records in American letters."

Donna Seaman, Booklist
"Powerful, unsettling and full of grace."

Library Journal
"There is wisdom, courage,and great depth of feeling here. The pieces in this powerful, meditative collection are all beautifully drawn; the title story is a  masterpiece."

Kirkus Review
"Compassion, mourning, joy and wit all play roles in this tender, insightful hefting of mortality's mysteries."

Robert Birnbaum, The Morning News
"It may be difficult to discern which is the greater influence on Lynch, his Irish ethnicity or his Michigan upbringing, but the result is a lyricism coupled with a locale of abundant natural beauty and an attachment to the offbeat characters who are its inhabitants."

Shelf Awareness
"Quiet yet soulful short stories and novella that offer intricate portraits of men and women at the furthest reaches of grief, longing and love. Lynch is a superb writer who combines a poet's vision with a deep understanding of the human heart. His first collection of fiction does not disappoint."

James Cihlar, Star-Tribune: Minneapolis-St.Paul
"Frank, funny and moving, this catalog of loss and the lessons that come with it...evokes Heminway's stoicism, Carver's darkness and Flannery O'Connor's irony."

Doug Childers, Richmond Times-Dispatch
"It's a quietly exhilarating book, full of beautiful writing and keen observations."

John Repp, Cleveland Plain Dealer
"Mostly, this fiction confronts the remorseless workings of fate. Flawed protagonists respond to the nagging sense that some crucial perception, action or consolation lies always just out of reach, and that dignity consists in reaching for it, failing, and reaching out again."
Susan Salter Reynolds, The L.A. Times
"The cruel radiance of life found in the author's poetry shimmers in this collection of stories."

Boston Globe
"Lynch is a poet...and he links disparate images and impressions with near-poetic cadence, bringing beauty and earthiness alike to life."

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Apparation & Late Fictions
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